Tarmac/Concrete Carparks

  • Including Courtyards, Driveways or Playgrounds
  • Excavation of existing surface and removal from site
  • Installation of new surface drainage connecting to existing drains
  • White lining as required

Drains - Foul and Surface

  • Approved Welsh Water Contractor
  • Own machinery to carry our deep and extensive excavation as required
  • Skilled and Qualified tradesmen to carry out deep excavation in all types of Ground

Reactive Maintenance

  • Clearing of blocked Drains including Camera Surveys
  • Renewal of Drainage Runs following Camera Survey
  • Emergency remedial work to pot holes to avoid accidents and damage

New Crossovers

  • New Crossovers from Domestic Driveway to Highway
  • Approved Local Highways Authority Contractor
  • Experienced in Local Authority Crossover Process
  • Tarmac or Concrete as required
  • Work Includes removal of all surplus Material and making good to disturbed areas to match existing surfaces as close as possible.

Hard Boundary Schemes

  • Fencing or Walls Boundary
  • Either as part of Surfacing project or as individual job
  • All types of fencing can be sourced and installed
  • Works includes clearing away and removal from site of Vegetation as required

Routine Maintenance

  • Resurfacing of Worn Tarmac or Concrete surface to avoid formation of damaging potholes
  • Cyclical clearing of foul and surface Drains to avoid blockages and resultant damage
  • Cyclical cleaning and service of pumps to avoid breakdowns


  • Drains backfilled to match existing surfaces as close as possible if required

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